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Measures to escape from the phantom barrier


प्रेत बाधा से मुक्ति के उपाय। मानव जीवन दो तत्वों का गठन किया गया है, शारीरिक या भौतिक और आध्यात्मिक या आत्मा। मनुष्य का जीवन अस्थायी है और मृत्यु एक वास्तविकता है. अपने जीवन काल के दौरान, एक व्यक्ति इतने सारे प्रतिकूलता का सामना करता है और कई मुद्दों को हल करता है. लेकिन अगर कोई व्यक्ति शक्तिशाली अनसुलझे मुद्दों के साथ अचानक मर जाता है, लेकिन अगर कोई व्यक्ति शक्तिशाली अनसुलझे मुद्दों के साथ अचानक मर जाता है. अपने ऊर्जा के रूप में, आत्मा भौतिक विमान में बनी हुई है, फंस गई ऊर्जा के आकार में. आप इस आत्मा को हिंदी में 'भूत' या 'प्रेत' भी कह सकते है. इसमें से किसी भी नाम से आप उसे बुला सकते हैं, जब आप इन नामों को भी सुनते हैं तो आपके मन में डर या खतरे का एक प्रकार उठता है. और जब आप पीड़ितों को प्रेत की असाधारण गतिविधियों में गिरते हैं तो इन भय या खतरे की गंभीरता के बारे में सोचें। फिर, आपके लिए सबसे अच्छा उपाय है प्रेत बाधा निवारण मंत्र।

Measures to escape from the phantom barrier. Human life is constituted of two elements; physical or materialistic and spiritual or the soul. Man’s life is transitory and death is a reality. During his or her life time, a person faces so many adversities and resolves many issues. But if a person dies suddenly with powerful unresolved issues, its soul or spirit cannot reach to its place of origin.

In its energy form, the spirit remains in the material plane, in the shape of trapped energy. You call this spirit ‘ghost’ or ‘Pret’ or ‘bhoot’ in Hindi. In whatever name you call it, a kind of fear or threat arises in your mind when you even listen these names. And think of the severity of these fear or threat when you fall victims to the paranormal activities of Phantom. Then, the best remedy for you is Phantom Handicap Prevention Mantra.


It is found that these earth-bound spirits may accidentally or opportunistically get attached to a energy body or energy field of a person. If unfortunately you happen to be the host person, you will experience the influences of the attached Ghost. It can influence your emotions, thoughts, patterns, addictions. Not only that, the Ghost may filter into your physical being and may torture you physically and mentally.

Such unwanted energies may haunt you when you pass through any lonely place such funeral ground or other haunted house. You can drive out such paranormal evil energies through Remedy to remove the phantom barrier. There are very few devoted Phantom specialists who, through their sadhana have acquired the Phantom Handicap Prevention Mantra. When you find the need for Pret Bhadha nivaran ke lakshan/yog/symptoms, always approach the right person in the field. Only then, you can get rid of the Phantom.

There are many symptoms that indicate the attack of the Phantom. You will behave abnormally, both in your physical as well as mental activities. Youu will feel lonely, detached, sad, and belligerent. You may get angry for no specific reason and may even lose the rationalities of your thoughts and actions. Any of your close relatives or friends may also experience such negative emotions or attitudes.

If such situation persists, the host may exhibit a distorted personality. So, immediately on observing any these symptoms, contact the right spiritual specialist and adopt the Remedy to remove the phantom barrier. Your energy field is interconnected with your physical being. Therefore, the negative force of the Phantom can impact upon your physical well-being. Get immediate relief by applying the prêt badha nivaran mantra. The Hindi term nivaran denotes prohibition or emancipation. This mantra will bring miraculous effect for ghost haunting of a person or house.


Phantoms are earthbound spirits and are trapped as energy limbo in the physical realm. When they haunt a person, or a house, they have to be removed to bring back normalcy of activities. Being para normal features, they cannot be removed by any scientific method. Only supernatural efforts can make them free from the physical realm and send them to their place of origin. The Phantom Handicap Prevention Mantra and Remedy to remove the phantom barrier are supernatural forces created by personshave attined. When you or any of your closer ones, get haunted by a ghost, contact such person, who knows, which mantra to apply to which kind of ghost or Phantom. He can guide you for the prêt badha ke lakshan/ yog/ symptoms. You will face more troubles if you go to the wrong person because Phantom will become more aggressive and vindictive.

The Phantom Handicap Prevention Mantra can be effectively recited and applied by bhoot mantra specialist. You can also know from him, the Remedy to remove the phantom barrier. There are many who can make false promises and may aggravate the situation. He may not know the prêt badha ke lakshan/yog/symptoms. You can contact the best spirit remover; online. You have to communicate to him, the details of the person haunted and his behavior.

If a house is haunted by a ghost, other members of the family may be impacted by the evil action of the phantom. Incurable diseases may creep into the house and make the residents to suffer. No medicine will work against the disease, if the house and the person is haunted by phantom. You have the option of adopting the Remedy to remove the phantom barrier and Phantom Handicap Prevention Mantra. Consult, only tried and trusted person.


Fear for ghost is known as phasmonphobia or spectrophobia. This fear of ghost is more in intensity, compared to the fear apprehended from, wild animals like tigers, lions, snake. In simple term, a phantom or ghost is a spiritual manifestation of a dead person. Who is not frightened of death? So, a person who comes out to action after death is supposed to be more frightful.

But not, if you have the ‘rakshya kabach’ of prêt badha door kqrne ka upay and Phantom Handicap Prevention Mantra. And, if you are equipped with prêt badha ke lakshan/yog/symptoms, you are fully, phantom-proof. You can handle the phantom-related issues, better if you know the following facts about ghosts

  • They have no material body; but only pure energy
  • They can be scary
  • They can pass the material barriers like wall
    Against the laws of Gravity, they float around
    They always wear clothes

They can control and possess a person to convey their wishes and can make them to behave eccentrically, in a bizarre manner.


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